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Criminal Defense

Ripley Whisenhunt, PLLC provides the highest caliber of representation to clients being investigated or prosecuted for crimes within the State of Florida.

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Our law firm combines decades of experience of exceptional trial lawyers with the detail focused approach necessary to litigate cases after conviction.

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personal injury

Personal Injury

Ripley Whisenhunt, PLLC handles a wide variety of personal injury claims. Our attorneys know that the aftermath of an accident can be overwhelming.

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Litigation Consulting

We provide consulting services to law firms throughout the United States on Criminal and Civil matters, and help stregthen your case.

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Jury Selection Consulting

Our law firm provides Jury Selection Consulting Services to law firms throughout the United States on Criminal and Civil matters.

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What we do

We do things differently.

Did you know that most people with no prior criminal history who are accused of non-violent crimes are eligible for a diversion program without needing a lawyer at all? If you’ve never been in trouble before, or it has been a long time since your last run in with the criminal justice system there is a good chance that simply by showing up to your arraignment the State Attorney will announce that you’re eligible for a diversion program and send you down to their lobby to complete the application. Simple as that. Some firms charge thousands of dollars to apply you to a program you could just as easily get into by showing up alone. While that makes for an easy payday for an attorney, we think it’s wrong to take advantage of people’s unfamiliarity with the options they may have. That is why we do not charge for our consultations, and why we discourage potential clients from hiring an attorney at all if they want to complete a diversion program and are clearly eligible.

Did you know that some of the absolute best lawyers can be found in the Public Defender’s Office? It’s true. While often portrayed as less capable in TV and movie depictions, the reality is usually the exact opposite. Public Defenders are lawyers same as private attorneys. They come with tremendous experience and familiarity with the Judge you’ll be appearing before. If you qualify for a public defender it is almost always in your best interest to reach out to meet them before hiring a private attorney. It is always in a private attorney’s interest that you hire them. That is why we discourage prospective clients from hiring us until they’ve met with their Public Defender unless there is something about their case that necessitates getting involved immediately. Who represents you is important. You should be confident that whoever is standing beside you is someone looking out for you, not just looking for a pay day.

Did you know that the worst time to find an attorney is AFTER you’ve been arrested? Being arrested is frightening whether its your first time or twentieth. Making decisions while you are afraid can sometimes lead to impulsive decisions you regret later. Lawyers have been known to prey on people’s fears and scare people with threats of the worst-case scenarios they know are unlikely to ever be realistic. That is why we offer a low fee general retainer agreement. This annual agreement won’t cover the cost of hiring us for a criminal case if the need arises, but it does mean that you know there is always an attorney you know and trust that will answer your call. Whether you’re worried about possible charges, or you’re being interviewed by the police and need someone at your side to protect you, we can be there for you.

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